In 2006, we moved into our owner-occupied 3,345 sqm (36,000 sq ft) design and manufacturing facility to house our expanding operations. We are conveniently located in a light-industrial sector within the City of San Diego. To make an inviting and innovative workspace, we’ve upgraded the building to have natural lighting via many skylights and windows.

Included on-site are research and development, collaborative design spaces, a machine shop, an optics lab, production, sales, and administrative services. Engineering is co-located on the manufacturing floor and we use a cellular manufacturing approach to facilitate collaboration between all departments.

Machine Shop

Our in-house modern machine shop enables us to create cutting-edge precision parts for R&D and production. Our team of machinists, with over a century of combined experience, coupled with our CNC 4-axis mills facilitate collaboration for rapid prototyping and getting the product to market.

Hydrostatic Chambers

Our hydrostatic pressure test chambers replicate the extreme pressures found within the ocean depths, critical for developing equipment that truly performs under pressure. We use these chambers to qualify new designs and to validate products before shipment. The chambers are also available to service clients’ needs; for more information see Pressure Test Facility.

Optics Lab

Our optics lab is a curated environment for design and testing. Featuring a 300 gallon tank with multiple customized portholes and advanced instrumentation, the lab is also used to qualify products before shipment.

Integrating Sphere

We use our 1 meter diameter integrating sphere to validate our completed assemblies for R&D and production lights. Instead of relying on component manufacturer claims, we provide quantified data for our products as part of our commitment to quality. The sphere produces a comprehensive report that includes CRI and lumens output data, critical for high-quality imaging. For more information see Optical Measurement.


The team of technicians in our production cells handle diverse tasks with consistent high-quality results. From SeaLite lights for ROV fleets to small-scale academic projects, each assembly receives the same care and attention to detail. As part of our rigorous quality control process, our products go through a suite of environmental and electrical testing.

Our Extended Campus

Test Site in San Diego’s Mission Bay
Our satellite test site is an invaluable resource for in-situ analysis of equipment and is ideal for long-term studies of product and component performance.

Environmental Chamber
Housed at SeeScan, our parent company, the environmental chamber is essential for evaluating system components. With many electronic parts coming from industries not facing the challenges of subsea work, we perform rigorous assessment and qualification to ensure maximum service life.