DeepSea Power & Light is a privately held design and manufacturing company serving the subsea industry. Our philosophy is to continually advance technology for use in the harshest environments. We develop and build our products with the customer in mind. Ease of service, reliability, high performance, and cost effectiveness are important design criteria. We value innovation, collaboration, and the shared success of our employees, customers, suppliers, representatives, and partners.

A Brief History

Our story begins in 1983 when founder and CEO Mark Olsson needed a reliable waterproof power solution for an underwater instrument. A born problem-solver, Mark conceived, engineered, and built the original SeaBattery Power Module. Shortly thereafter, DeepSea Power & Light was founded with the goal of making battery power supplies and innovative lighting solutions for the scientific and oceanographic industry.

DSPL's original facility

DSPL’s original facility; we started as a garage operation.

True to our name, our early product offerings included the SeaBattery and the SeaLite family of full ocean depth equipment. As we continued to work with the leaders in the subsea community, the need for higher intensity lighting grew. HMI lights had long been used in the studio photography business, but no one had ever designed one to operate at 4000 meters (12,000 feet) under water. We solved the problem with our 1200W HMI light to film the R.M.S. Titanic for the Imax movie Titanica. The spectacular color images of the famous shipwreck were viewed by millions around the world.

The natural next step was to develop the SeaCam product line of cameras offering compact, versatile, and rugged cameras for ROVs and industrial divers. Following that, we developed our other product lines, including diver video systems, lasers, and pressure relief valves.

In the mid to late 1990s, we leveraged our knowledge of underwater cameras and lights to develop a pipe inspection system for the plumbing industry. Soon after this product became available, we became the leading manufacturer of lateral pipe inspection equipment and with our growth we relocated into our first owner-occupied facility.

In the early 2000s, we split into two separate organizations: DeepSea Power & Light and SeekTech, now SeeScan. We continued our focus on manufacturing products for the subsea community while SeeScan maintained focus on pipe inspection and buried utility location equipment.

DeepSea Power & Light is a subsidiary of SeeScan. We are a few doors away from the main SeeScan campus, in a high-tech manufacturing space created to fit our unique needs. Read more about Our Facility.

Our SeaArcs made this iconic picture of the TItanic possible.

Our innovative full-ocean depth HMI lights made this iconic picture of the Titanic possible.

We Work Where You Do

We have built our reputation in some of the world’s most punishing environments: exploring the Marianas Trench, grueling offshore oil exploration applications, and bringing power and light to the Titanic wreckage.

Our products have been and are used around the globe by the Titanic Expeditions, Bismark Expedition group, National Geographic Society, WHOI, Lockheed, Oceaneering, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and on deep diving submersibles such as Alvin, Sea Cliff, Jason, Turtle, Nautile, Mirs I & II, Kaiko, and the Shinkai 6500, and to photograph and produce documentaries of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Lusitania, Iron Bottom Sound, and the Galapagos Islands. Our greatest exposure to date was the award-winning James Cameron film Titanic where millions of movie goers saw our lights and the illumination they provide.