Pressure Compensated Lead-Acid Batteries for Submerged Applications

///Pressure Compensated Lead-Acid Batteries for Submerged Applications

By Kevin Hardy, Pedram Pebdani, Peter Weber, and John Sanderson, DeepSea Power & Light

As seen in Underwater Magazine

The idea is Power under pressure. If storage batteries can be made to work across the extremes of pressure, the need for heavy, bulky, expensive housings is eliminated, and power can be delivered within smaller weight and space constraints, with arguable improvements in system safety.

Pressure compensation means the electrolyte is at ambient sea water pressure. This is achieved by filling the internal air space of a battery above the plates and electrolyte with an inter fluid, often white mineral oil, with enough excess volume to compensate for temperature and pressure effects.

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Pressure Compensated Batteries, Underwater Magazine, July – August 2009

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