Improved Mounting Bracket for LED and Halogen Lights

///Improved Mounting Bracket for LED and Halogen Lights

DeepSea Power & Light introduces a new and improved mounting bracket for all Multi SeaLite family of Halogen lights and all LED lights except the Matrix-1 and Matrix-3.

Creatively engineered to incorporate Titanium inserts, the new mounting bracket will improve longevity in salt water. Solving the issue of corrosion within the brackets has reduced downtime, which translates to overall saving in time and money for our valued customers.

DeepSea Power & Light continues to find new and exciting ways to create products that are not only accommodating, but skillfully designed for various tasks at hand. Recognizing the global usage of DeepSea products, the mounting bracket is now being offered in either Metric or Imperial thread sizes to accommodate a job at any location around the world.

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