San Diego, CA; May 28, 2019 –

The Five Deeps Expedition is setting records for ocean exploration, including being the first in-field user of the new IP Multi SeaCam from DeepSea Power & Light. The expedition is nearing completion of its goal of sending Limiting Factor, a manned submersible, to the deepest point in each of the five oceans. Three landers also accompany Limiting Factor for scientific tasks.

The IP Multi SeaCam was the ideal choice to outfit Limiting Factor and the three landers. DeepSea is known for their durable products, and this camera has up to 11,000 m depth rating, full HD capability, and high-quality compression that provides days of recording. Standard configurations also offer real-time IP network streaming and 256 GB of onboard memory.

On May 13, Limiting Factor reached the deepest recorded depth in the Mariana Trench of 10,928 m, after having already become the first manned submersible to reach the bottom of the Puerto Rico Trench in the Atlantic Ocean, the South Sandwich Trench in the Southern Ocean, as well as the Java Trench in the Indian Ocean. Thanks to the IP Multi SeaCam units, each hadal depth dive has returned incredible footage of this record-breaking journey.

The final “Five Deeps” dive is scheduled in August to the Molloy Deep in the Arctic Ocean, promising to return more incredible footage that will once again place this expedition and the IP Multi SeaCam at the forefront of ocean discovery.

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