See More with the Super Wide-i SeaCam®

///See More with the Super Wide-i SeaCam®

DeepSea Power & Light, the market leader in  underwater imaging systems, has enhanced its already versatile Wide-i SeaCam. The newly designed version, the Super Wide-i SeaCam®, has a smaller housing, proprietary lens and a dome port which eliminates vignetting and minimizes image distortion.

This compact camera is only 104.9mm (4.13 in) long, weighs 0.23 Kg (0.51 lbs.) and provides an astonishing 150° horizontal by 120° vertical field of view in water. Combining the wide field of view with its low-light capability has created a perfect camera for day to day underwater applications. The Super Wide-i SeaCam is directly interchangeable with the standard Wide-i SeaCam and the Multi-SeaCam family of cameras.

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