The Low-Light Capability of the Nano SeaCam® Increases

///The Low-Light Capability of the Nano SeaCam® Increases

DeepSea Power & Light advances the low-light capability of the popular Nano SeaCam®  with a newly designed proprietary lens.

This new innovatively designed lens allows about seven (7) times more light to enter the camera, which increases its low-light capability even further than before. This significant gain in the low-light capability has solved customers’ demand for a compact, low-light capable and high resolution camera.

This rugged camera has a diameter of only 25mm (0.985”) and length of 88.2mm (3.47”), a high resolution of 620 TVL, 72° diagonal field of view in water, 0.04 lux scene illumination, the capability to run in air as well as in water, and it is available in a full ocean trench depth rated configuration. The Nano SeaCam is truly suitable for any applications in the splash zone all the way to the deep ocean hadopelagic zone.

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