DeepSea Power & Light is proud to announce the HD Multi SeaCam® camera, its first high definition video camera. Derived from the Multi SeaCam® camera, an industry workhorse, this general purpose camera has been widely used for over 16 years in offshore oil, oceanographic, academic, and military applications around the world. DeepSea is proud to extend the legacy of the Multi SeaCam family of cameras with the availability of true full HD video capabilities. The HD Multi SeaCam® video camera builds on the same rugged design as the original, with a 6000m rated Titanium housing and scratch-resistant sapphire port, while providing SMPTE 292M compliant HD-SDI 1080p/30 video output in 106.4mm (4.19”) long, 48mm (1.9”) diameter housing.

New optics provide a low distortion 74° horizontal field of view with a 2-inch to infinity depth of field providing a full context view in vivid HD picture quality. Initially available with industry standard hybrid coax bulkhead options, the overall compact design brings HD to a whole new range of applications previously out of reach in the sub-sea industry. The enhancements to the widely popular, compact, and nearly indestructible Multi SeaCam® camera not only brings high definition video to our customers, but allows for HD cameras to be brought to some of the harshest and most unforgiving environments on Earth.