Multi SeaLite® Series

LED SeaLite

Multi SeaLite®

short description

The Multi SeaLite is our most popular halogen light and has been in production for over 20 years.

This economical light is available with up to a 6,000 m depth rating. This family of lights is easy to use and field serviceable. Multiple configurations are available

The Multi SeaLite includes a mounting bracket with titanium inserts.

Optical Multi SeaLite
Midwater Multi SeaLite
Deep Multi SeaLite
Beam Angle Flood: 60°
Medium: 40°
Spot: 15°
Environmental ML MML DML
Depth Rating  1,000 m  3,000 m  6,000 m
Mechanical ML MML DML
Housing 6061 Aluminum
Stainless Steel
Hard Anodized Aluminum 6061-T6
Port Clear Tempered Borosilicate
Outer Diameter 83.8 mm
(3.30 in)
without connector
105.7 mm
(4.16 in)
Weight in Air
with aluminum housing and BH3MP connector
519 g
(18 oz)
Weight in Water
with aluminum housing and BH3MP connector
170 g
(6 oz)
Connector ML MML DML
Default BH3MP
Other connectors available