Advances in High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes in Underwater Applications

By K. R. Hardy, M. S. Olsson, B.P. Lakin, K. A. Stevens, J. R. Sanderson, J. E. Simmons, Peter A. Weber, DeepSea Power & Light

Abstract- Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) continue to make headway in the undersea world as efficient and durable light sources. Previous papers by the authors have discussed differences and advantages over gas discharge lamps

LED Multi SeaLite

DeepSea Power & Light’s LED Multi SeaLite is the most advanced solid state undersea light on the market today. The LED light is rated for 6,000m and 2,000 lumen output, and retains the slender form of DSPL’s popular Multi Sea Lite.

[1], [2], [3]. Undersea lighting designers continue to follow the rapid development of LEDs for general commercial illumination. In addition to improvements in LED technology, electronic drivers have become more compact and increasingly efficient, providing options to end users for thermal roll-back, dimming, AC/DC, or variable voltage input with constant current output. DeepSea Power & Light® (DSPL) engineers have devised techniques to pressure compensate both the LEDs and the driver electronics, successfully testing LED arrays and drivers to 20,000psi. Using a component integration matrix, new configurations of light systems are rapidly emerging for many diver, manned submersible and unmanned vehicle applications.

This paper will summarize advances in High Brightness LED lighting systems, in-house and field testing methods, and suggest where ongoing developments will take us next. Recent at-sea experiences are discussed.

Presented at Oceans 2008

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