We provide Pressure Testing and Optical Measurement services for all of your subsea instrumentation and lighting needs. Contact us with ample time to help you schedule an appointment.


We’re ready to help you make sure your subsea instrumentation is ready to perform under pressure. We have multiple hydrostatic pressure chambers available to meet a broad range of requirements and experienced technicians on staff to implement your testing plan. Please contact us two weeks prior to your desired testing date for scheduling.

  • Operating pressures up to 30,000 psi
  • Capacity up to 508 mm (20 in) diameter and 1219.2 mm (48 in) in height
  • Feed-through options and adapters available
  • Annually certified gauges ensure accuracy across all pressure ranges
  • Long-duration holds and repeated cyclical testing capable
DeepSea Power & Light Pressure Test Order Form

6-in. Fluitron 6×24/11L 20-in. Fluitron 20×48/247L
Shape Cylindrical Cylindrical
Interior Diameter 152 mm (6 in) 508 mm (20 in)
Interior Height 609 mm (24 in) up to 1,219 mm (48 in)
Max Pressure 206.5 MPa (30,000 psi) 137.5 MPa (20,000 psi)
Max Ramp Up Rate 3,000 psi/min 800 psi/min (approx.)
Max Ramp Down Rate 5,000 psi/min 5,000 psi/min
Feed-thru Options
Adapters Available
1 or 2
3/4″ – 16 threads
1 or 2
1″ – 14 threads


We use our in-house integrating sphere to measure light output across the entire beam pattern and to validate LED output and coloration as part of our design and manufacturing process. The 1 meter sphere is available to test lights from customers and other manufacturers. We ship every LED SeaLite, SeaLite Sphere, SeaLite Lumos Remote, and Nano SeaLite with its own True Lumens Report and the confidence that you will get the specified output and coloration.

Integrating Sphere

The interior of the sphere is highly reflective which effectively scatters and distributes the light equally to all other points

  • 1 meter diameter sphere
  • Integrated spectrometer
  • Multiple luminary positions
  • Lumens, CRI, and spectral output
True Lumens Report Example

An integrating sphere, also known as an Ulbricht or integrated spectrometer sphere, is used to concisely capture the flux (total power) of a light source as well as precisely measure the color of the light. Utilizing the concept of Lambertian reflectance to scatter the light in a diffuse manner, the total light energy created is measured without inaccuracies caused by directional characteristics of the lights’ source. Read more about integrating spheres in general.

The inside of the sphere has a non-fluorescent reflective white coating which effectively scatters and distributes the light equally to all other points. We use this to measure the total light from the lamp over all angles of illumination and observation.

With a readout in Lumens given and a mapping of color temperature against a black body graph, a complete characteristic of the light is quantified. A True Lumens Report will be generated and provided for each light that is tested. The sphere’s light-port accepts apertures up to a maximum diameter of 3.5 in. with adapters available for smaller dimensions.