The LED SeaLite meets the demands for the market challenges of today. This subsea light emits up to 10,000 lumens and is available in multiple LED, beam pattern, input voltage, and depth configurations.

The standard sapphire port has a 6,000 m or 11,000 m depth rating and the optional acrylic port has a 4,000 m depth rating. The LED SeaLite includes a mounting bracket with titanium inserts.

The LSL-1000 and LSL-2000 models have a wide range of accepted voltage inputs as well as a low inrush current. Both digital and analog dimming interfaces support flicker-free dimming. This light comes standard with intelligent thermal protections that always put out the maximum light for the current operating temperature.

The LSL-2025 adds Multiray® technology to incorporate two sets of LED sources in a single fixture.

Monochromatic LED options and a range of white temperatures are available. Contact us to discuss your specific lighting needs.

This light is field serviceable with no solder wire connections or specialized tools required. The LED SeaLite includes a two-year limited warranty.


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LED SeaLite
Optical LSL-2075
Typical Lumens Output (Flood) 10,000
Efficacy 100 lm/w
Lux @ 1 m TBD
Color Day Light White 5000 K ~ 6500 K
Warm White 2600 K ~ 3700 K
Contact sales for color options
CRI Day Light White: 70
Warm White: 80
Beam Angle (HPFW) Wide: 115°
Flood: 75°
Spot: 35°
Minimum Pulse Width 1.3 ms
Maximum Pulse Width
Minimum Pulse Period 250 ms
Maximum Pulse Period
Environmental LSL-2075
Depth Rating 4,000 m Acrylic Port
6,000 m or 11,000 m Sapphire Port
Thermal Protection Intelligent Thermal Rollback
Operational Temperature -10° C ~ 40° C
(14° F ~ 104° F)
Storage Temperature -40° C ~ 100° C
(-40° F ~ 212° F)
Electrical LSL-2075
Voltage 10~48 VDC
Over Voltage Limit 56 VDC
Under Voltage Limit 8 VDC
Power 106W @ 24 VDC
Charge Power TBD
Pulse Power TBD
Inactive Power TBD
Pulse Mode Input Follow, Pulse Trigger
Pulse Sync Falling Edge, Rising Edge
Dimming RS-232, RS-485
Mechanical LSL-2075
Housing Hard Anodized 6013 Aluminum
Port Standard: Sapphire
Optional: Acrylic
Outer Diameter 63.0 mm
(2.48 in)
Overall Length Acrylic Flood/Wide: 95.9 mm (3.77 in)
Sapphire Flood: 93.3 mm (3.67 in)
Acrylic/Sapphire Spot: 99.6 mm (3.92 in)
Weight in Air 450 g (0.99 lbs)
Weight in Water 200 g (0.44 lbs)
Connector LSL-2075
Please contact sales for more options.

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With Housing


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