HD Multi SeaCam®

IP Multi SeaCam

Compact HD Imaging

The HD Multi SeaCam delivers high-quality HD-SDI 1080p/30 video in a compact housing. This subsea camera has minimal distortion in both the 72° HFOV flat port and the 105° HFOV dome port

Options include flat sapphire or glass dome port housing and SDI or IP video formats. FleXlink® and coax transmission methods are available.

The HD Multi SeaCam includes a mounting bracket with titanium inserts.

Model HD Multi SeaCam – SDI Models HD Multi SeaCam – IP Models
Video Format HD-SDI, 1080/30p h.264, 1080/30p
Transmit Type Coax, FleXlink Ethernet
Onboard Recording No Yes
Depth Rating 6 km, 11 km option 6 km, 11 km option
FoV in Water 72° H Flat Port
105° H Dome Port
72° H Flat Port
105° H Dome Port