We designed our SeaVent pressure relief valves (PRVs) to meet critical subsea specifications for a variety of applications. Models are available with adjustable cracking pressure, a selection of materials, and an 11,000 m depth rating. A 6,000 m depth rating is standard.

Our SeaVent Double Dual Seal (DDS) uses dual O-rings for redundant protection against leaks. Hexagonal sides at the base of the DDS allow for easy installation with a standard wrench. The DDS is offered in either PEEK or titanium with a cracking pressure of 10 psi. A vacuum and fill attachment is available.

The Single Dual Seal (SDS) can be specified with a cracking pressure range of either 5-15 or15-25 psi. Materials include aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium. A vacuum attachment is available.

Our Single Seal SAE (SSS) is available in 316 stainless steel with a cracking pressure range set from 5-15 or 15-25 psi. There is no vacuum fill option for this configuration.

The vacuum fill adapter for the SDS model is supplied in aluminum and includes a 2-209 o-ring to seal to the SeaVent outer body. A standard 1/4 inch NPT Male Threaded pipe adapter with appropriate hose size fitting (not supplied) is required to attach to the vacuum fitting.


Adjustable Cracking Pressure Icon
6000 M Standard Depth Rating Icon
Material Options Icon
Environmental Double Dual Seal
Single Dual Seal
Single Seal SAE
Depth Titanium: 11,000 m
PEEK: 6,000 m
Titanium: 11,000 m
Aluminum and Stainless Steel: 6,000 m
Stainless Steel: 6,000 m
Temperature 0° C to 40° C
(32° F to 104° F)
Default Cracking Pressure 10 psi +/- 20% 10 psi +/- 20% 25 psi +/- 20%
Cracking Pressure Range 5 to 10 psi 5 to 15 psi (Optional 15 to 25 psi) 15 to 25 psi (Optional 5 to 15 psi)
Material Titanium 6AI-4V
Titanium 6AI-4V
Aluminum 6061
Stainless Steel 316 (passivated)
Stainless Steel 316 (passivated)
Diameter 18.9 mm
(0.75 in)
20.6 mm
(0.81 in)
14.3 mm
(0.56 in)
Length 16.8 mm
(0.66 in)
24.7 mm
(0.97 in)
25 mm
(0.98 in)
Weight in Air Titanium: 8.30 g
(0.29 oz)
Titanium: 14.10 g
(0.49 oz)
12.90 g
(0.46 oz)
Weight in Water Titanium: 6.1 g
(0.22 oz)
Titanium: 11 g
(0.39 oz)
10.6 g
(0.37 oz)
Threads 7/16 – 20 with #4 J1926 Port
Face seal O-ring(s) 3-904 (SAE), M1.50 X 14 3-904 (SAE), 2-015 3-904(SAE ONLY)


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