Dr. Dan Fornari’s Talk

January 31, 2024

Dr. Dan Fornari, an emeritus research scholar from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), recently delivered a captivating presentation at The Pavilion, delving into the complexities of deep-sea imaging and the geological intricacies of the ocean floor. With a distinguished background from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Columbia University, coupled with extensive research in marine geology, Dr. Fornari’s expertise illuminated the multifaceted geological features of the ocean, from mid-ocean ridges to hydrothermal faults and seamounts.

Throughout his talk, Dr. Fornari showcased the indispensable role of cutting-edge imaging and lighting technologies in oceanographic exploration, particularly highlighting how our DeepSea products have been instrumental in numerous deep-ocean research initiatives led by WHOI. The event was a testament to the symbiotic relationship between academic research and practical technological applications, underscoring the significance of our equipment in advancing humanity’s understanding of the ocean’s vast and largely uncharted territories.

This engaging session not only enriched our knowledge of the ocean’s geological processes but also demonstrated the practical implications and effectiveness of DeepSea products in conducting sophisticated oceanographic work. We are immensely proud of our association with WHOI and the opportunity to contribute to the global endeavor of ocean exploration and education.


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