DeepSea Announcing New Features for the IP Apex® and IP Optim® SeaCam® 4K Cameras

February 13, 2023

DeepSea has introduced new features for the IP Apex and IP Optim SeaCam 4K camera products, adding interfaces for an external analog camera and a RS-485 serial port that can be connected to a network of smart LED lights.

The new analog camera interface allows the system designer to incorporate an auxiliary video source that can be streamed via h.264 or h.265 over Ethernet in addition to the internal 4K video feed. An analog camera can be added without the need for additional multiplexer channels making it possible to include wide-angle context cameras, tooling cameras, or low-light video on the same IP video interface that streams live 4K video. Switching between the video sources is done through the web-based user interface in just a few clicks.

In addition to the auxiliary analog camera input, a virtual RS-485 COM port has been added which can be connected to external smart devices such as the LED SeaLite LSL-2000 family of luminaires. Using the IP Apex or IP Optim SeaCam as a communication hub allows for a constellation of lights or other networkable RS-485 devices to be operated from a common interface in real time.

The combination of these two new features along with the ability to incorporate up to three additional bulkhead interfaces on the camera endcap allows the IP Apex or IP Optim to operate as a networked connected multiplexer.

Optim SeaCam

Key Features

  • Same capabilities as the original 4K IP Apex and Optim SeaCam designs
  • 4K UHD streaming over Ethernet via a h.264 or h.265 encoder
  • Up to 1TB on-board memory for recordings
  • Proprietary underwater corrector optics designs with clear images across the zoom range
  • 6km and 11km housing options
  • NEW – auxiliary analog video input
  • NEW – virtual RS-485 COM port interface, SeaSense serial protocol compatible
  • NEW – three additional bulkhead positions to directly connect the 4K camera to lights, sensors, or secondary analog video sources

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