DeepSea Expands Lens Offerings for the Popular HD Multi SeaCam® Family

February 13, 2023

DeepSea is leaning into the “Multi” part of the HD Multi SeaCam product family and introducing four new lens options with both wider and more focused fields of view. When initially launched, the HDMSC-4000 series cameras were available with either a 105° or 72° horizontal field of view. This has now expanded to include options for an ultra-wide 150° and low distortion 125° wide angle in the dome port configuration, along with an 85° and a narrow 40° horizontal option in the flat port housing.

The HD Multi SeaCam has always excelled at serving as a wide field of view context camera, providing unparalleled situation awareness. The new 2.0mm (150° HFoV) all-glass lens produces the widest field of view in its class with sharp corner-to-corner imaging and linear distortion that maintains consistent angular resolution across the field of view.

Second in the lineup is the new 2.3mm (125° HFoV) lens option, which balances a wide field of view with optimized light control to minimize ghosting and lateral color shift. The dome port optics minimize distortion and bring out exceptional detail across the depth of field. The same 2.3mm lens is also available in the flat port housing configuration where it achieves an unprecedented 85° horizontal field of view in water with near zero distortion. This pushes the very limit of what can be achieved behind a flat port before critical angle refraction begins to block light from entering the lens.

Finally, a narrower 6mm lens option in our flat port housing brings out the finer details by bringing the subject closer. At 40°, the horizontal field of view in water is significantly narrower than the other options, which makes it excel at inspection tasks and gauge monitoring where the camera can be positioned farther away from the subject. All four new lens options are available now in coax SDI, exclusive FleXlink SDI, and IP versions of the HD Multi SeaCam product family.

Full range of lens options for the HD Multi SeaCam® family.

Model Housing Lens FoV
HDMSC-4150 Dome, no hood 2.0mm F/3.0 150° H
HDMSC-4125 Dome, with hood 2.3mm F/2.8 125° H
HDMSC-4105  Dome, with hood 2.7mm F/2.9 105° H
HDMSC-4085 Flat 2.3mm F/2.8 85° H
HDMSC-4070 Flat  2.7mm F/2.9 72° H
HDMSC-4040 Flat  6mm F/5.6 40° H

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