Product Change Notice
Wide-i, Super Wide-i, and Multi SeaCam Factory Default Settings

December 4th, 2023

Effective December 2023, DeepSea will be changing the factory default settings on the Wide-i SeaCam (WSC), Super Wide-i SeaCam (SWSC), and Multi SeaCam (MSC) to improve imaging in high illumination conditions. This change affects the WSC/SWSC 3070/4070 models as well as the MSC 1070/2070/1075/2075 models.

The change for this product is being tracked under a part number revision change. Customers reordering cameras will notice part numbers ending in 0B instead of 0A, 0C instead of 0B, and so on.

Reason For Change

Since their introduction, the updated WSC/SWSC-4070/3070 analog cameras and the MSC-1070/2070/1075/2075 included auto exposure control settings to optimize performance in low-light environments, which are commonly encountered in subsea operations. In high lighting conditions, such as in daylight on the deck of a ship, this resulted in overexposed images, as seen in the “Before Fix” image sample below.

After receiving reports of overexposed images in these high lighting conditions, DeepSea engineers performed additional fine tuning of the cameras’ auto exposure settings. The new settings improve performance in high lighting conditions and do not impact the low-light operation of the cameras.

The following page includes sample before/after images of the adjustments made to correct the exposure level.

For inquiries regarding updating an existing model to include these adjustments, please contact DeepSea Sales at [email protected] or 1-800-487-3775.

Auto Exposure Settings — Before Fix

Auto Exposure Settings — After Fix

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