Application of High Power Light Emitting Diodes for Submerged Illumination

By K. R. Hardy, M. S. Olsson, J. R. Sanderson, B.P. Lakin, K. A. Stevens,  J. E. Simmons, P. A. Weber, DeepSea Power & Light

DeepSea Power & Light's LED Mini-SeaLite combines the safety of low voltage DC with the high brightness of HB-LEDs, in lightweight, black anodized acluminum housing.High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes (HB-LEDs) are a reliable, efficient, compact, and robust light source for underwater applications including diver, ROV, AUV, free vehicle, and manned submersible platforms. LED lights are capable of single color or full daylight spectrum, offering unique solutions to oil field and other commercial problems. This paper will present differences and similarities between solid state and traditional lighting types, define specialized lighting terms for end users, and suggest near term and future developments. In-house pressure chamber work has shown pressure compensated LED arrays can be successfully operated to depths in excess of that found in ocean trenches. At-sea use of DeepSea Power & Light’s LED-SeaLites® by divers, unmanned, and manned vehicles, will be shown. DeepSea Power & Light (DSPL) has been involved in advanced underwater lighting since the company’s inception 25 years ago, and in severe environment LED lighting for over 10 years in a line of Pipe Inspection Video Cameras.

Presented at Underwater Intervention, 2008

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