High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes for Ocean Applications

By K. R. Hardy, M. S. Olsson, J. R. Sanderson, K. A. Stevens, B.P. Lakin, J. E. Simmons, P. A. Weber, DeepSea Power & Light

Abstract- Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are emerging in the undersea world as a reliable, efficient light source capable of narrow or wide chromatic bandwidth. Use of gas discharge lamps as light sources in the deep sea is complicated by the need to pressure protect the sealed bulbs. LEDs provide a viable alternative for many diver, submersible, and unmanned vehicle applications. While they are proving versatile, they also have unique characteristics that require designers to think differently. This paper will highlight those differences, draw similarities, offer common language, and suggest future developments. At sea tests with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s DSV ALVIN will be described.

Presented at Oceans, 2007

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