Product Change Notice Nano SeaCam Housing Length

October 16, 2023

DeepSea will be changing the length on the housing for the Nano SeaCam. The length of the Nano SeaCam will increase from the front to the endcap seat by 0.100″ (2.5 mm). The included dimensional drawing of the old and new NSC-2060 shows the increase in length.

This increase in overall length affects 6km-rated Nano SeaCam configurations using MCBH and BH-style connectors regardless of manufacturer. It does not impact models which are fitted with CSMS-A-J-type connectors or those which are rated for 11km operation.

Reason For Change

Since their introduction, the Nano SeaCam and Nano SeaLite products have had a 0.100″ (2.5 mm) difference in the overall length of their respective housings. This difference in length is the result of the endcap geometry between the two products. In an effort to standardize parts across its product families, DeepSea is updating the Nano SeaCam housing design to use the same endcap geometry as the Nano SeaLite.

Nano SeaCam Drawing Printable PDF

Nano SeaCam

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