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3 11, 2011

Nano SeaCam®

2017-02-03T20:02:07+00:00November 3rd, 2011|Underwater Imaging|

The Nano SeaCam underwater video camera is a high resolution camera in a tiny package that goes deep. With a diameter of only 25mm (0.985”) and a length of 88.2mm (3.47”), including the connector, the Nano SeaCam provides quality video in a truly tiny package.

1 05, 2011

LEDs are Now the Choice for Underwater Lights

2018-07-12T17:30:13+00:00May 1st, 2011|Underwater Imaging|

Properly designed underwater LED lights can be “plug & play” replacements for halogen lights. They can operate using the same wide choice of connectors, the same input power (120VAC or low voltage DC), and the same dimming controls (variable voltage or phase control dimming) as the halogen lights that they replace. This makes it easy for underwater operators to significantly upgrade the lighting that they use without encountering complex or costly changes in the process.

20 05, 2010

Advanced Underwater LED Power Supply and Light Control

2017-02-03T20:03:10+00:00May 20th, 2010|Technical Resources, Underwater Imaging|

While great attention is given to LED solid state devices during their rapid evolution, they are just one component in a larger electronic circuit. LEDs are tiny, fragile devices that will be easily damaged if allowed to overheat or if exposed to excessive voltage or currents. These devices need an external electronic circuit, commonly called a driver, to safely control the power applied to them. This article will look at the driver circuitry behind the light emitters.

14 12, 2009

Color Purity of LEDs

2017-02-03T20:03:58+00:00December 14th, 2009|Technical Resources, Underwater Imaging|

The term “Color Purity” often invites inquiries from customers viewing the spectral graphs generated by our integrating sphere. Color Purity was specifically created for LEDs with the 1997 CIE 127 Document and does not apply to any other type of light source, such as HID, HMI, CFL, or incandescent.

20 06, 2009

Recent Advances in Deep Sea LEDs for the Offshore Industry

2017-02-03T20:04:35+00:00June 20th, 2009|Underwater Imaging|

Manned vehicles, ROVs, and Saturation Divers are adopting Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as powerful and durable light sources. Developments continue to follow the rapid evolution of LEDs for general topside illumination. Our engineers have devised compact ocean optics, both reflectors and lenses. Successful pressure compensation of both LEDs and driver electronics foretell future designs in diver and vehicle lighting.

20 02, 2009

Under Pressure: Testing Before Deployment is Integral to Success at Sea

2017-02-03T20:04:46+00:00February 20th, 2009|Pressure Testing|

Pressure testing has a long and storied history and remains one of the most useful tools subsea designers have available. It is a critical part of preparation but can be one of the first steps cut when resources get stretched. With the limited availability of ship time, combined with the high cost of ship operations and equipment, and long lead time of grant and project funding, it makes financial sense to validate system integrity before deployment.