Our SeaCam® family of subsea cameras is compact, robust, and versatile. We offer a variety of 4K UHD, HD, and analog cameras to meet your subsea needs.

ROVs, AUVs, HOVs, and divers are among the users of our subsea cameras. Common applications include inspection, scientific research, tether management, and situational awareness.

Common features include sapphire ports and wide angle optics. Many models are available in a titanium housing for long-term immersion and corrosion resistance. A full ocean depth option is available on select models.

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Vertex SeaCam®

The Vertex SeaCam has full HD resolution with 10x optical zoom and a faceplate illumination of 0.5 lux for impressive imaging performance.


HD Zoom SeaCam®

The HD Zoom SeaCam has a 30x optical zoom capability, faceplate illumination of 0.024 Lux, and high-quality HD-SDI 1080p/30 video output.


Nano SeaCam®

The ultra compact Nano SeaCam is our highest resolution analog camera at 620 TVL, and is capable of full ocean depth with a robust design that incorporates a titanium housing and sapphire port.


Wide-i SeaCam®

The low-light capability and automatic backlight compensation of the Wide-i SeaCam create a perfect wide angle camera for day-to-day underwater applications.


Multi SeaCam®

Our Multi SeaCam is the ideal tool for versatility, and is available as color, black and white, or low-light black and white with the option of Delrin® or titanium housing.



FleXlink technology is an exclusive alternative to the high-cost and delicate coaxial and fiber optic interconnects. Available for the HD Multi SeaCam and HD Zoom SeaCam.