With light outputs available from 700 lumens to 18,000 lumens, our premium LED technology delivers best in class lumens per water weight with full dimming capabilities for a wide variety of subsea lighting applications.

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LED SeaLite®

The LED SeaLite meets the demands for the market challenges of today. This subsea light emits up to 9,000 lumens with 6,000 m depth rating and multiple configuration options.

SeaLite® Sphere 200 Series

The SeaLite Sphere 200 Series emits up to 9,000 lumens with multiple configuration options. This versatile light can be used in a wide variety of subsea applications.

SeaLite® Sphere 150 Series

Our SeaLite Sphere 150 series has class-leading 73 lumens/watt and 33 lumens/gram (in water), up to 11,000 lumens. Aluminum or Titanium housing is available, and includes a mounting bracket.

SeaLite® Sphere 6500

The versatile SeaLite Sphere 6500 Series can be used in a wide variety of subsea applications. Options include universal input and multiple beam angles. Monochromatic options include ultraviolet and infrared.

SeaLite® Lumos

Shock and vibration resistant, the compact SeaLite Lumos is available in multiple LED color temperatures including ultraviolet and infrared configurations.

SeaLite® Lumos Remote

Our SeaLite Lumos Remote is ideal for test tanks or and any submerged applications where a miniature and powerful light is required along with a remote driver.

SeaLite® Monochromatic LED Options

SeaLite monochromatic LED options including ultraviolet and infrared for leak, magnetic particle, biological survey, and other unique inspections.

LED Matrix®-3 SeaLite®

Our LED Matrix-3 SeaLite features a rugged design for shock and vibration resistance, flicker-free dimming, thermal monitoring to allow operation in air or water, depth rated at 6,000 meters.

LED Matrix®-3R SeaLite®

Our LED Matrix-3R SeaLite is a powerful LED light for applications where multiple lighthead mounting locations are required, using three remote lightheads powered by a single driver.

Nano SeaLite®

Ultra compact and lightweight, our Nano SeaLite performs at up to full ocean depth with 700 lumens of typical light output.

Multi SeaLite®

High performance at a reasonable price, our Multi SeaLite is an all-purpose subsea light with a variety of configurations.

Mini SeaLite®

Designed as a helmet light to accompany our line of compact video cameras, our Mini SeaLite has an even beam pattern for video illumination.